How To Successfully Do The Master Cleanse Diet / Lemonade Diet

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  1. Stephanie M. says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I would like to do a shorter version of this cleanse to used before I start to juice. Not for weight lose but to cleanse/detox/and rebuild toxic cells. Could you share where you purchased the Grade B Maple Syrup and the wheatgrass pills? And what kind of lemon did you use (fresh squeezed or from a bottle?) Thank you!

    • Kegan says:

      Hi Stephanie, Thanks for reading my blog. Glad you enjoyed this.

      From my research, shorter cleanses are fine. Of course the longer you go the greater the detox. After 7 days on the program solid waste is still coming out of my system. It’s really quite amazing.

      That tells me that there is a lot more waste inside my system than I thought. And I eat pretty healthy (vegetarian) normally anyway.

      Just know that the longer you go the more detox will occur.

      As for the grade B Maple Syrup, what I learned is that it goes through a different refinement process and has more minerals than Grade A.

      You certainly want to avoid any of the regular table syrup that is just maple flavored.

      I get my maple syrup at Whole Foods. I found that most stores don’t sell Grade B. If they sell something besides the cheap table syrup then it’s usually just the Grade A.

      I also found some on Amazon:

      I also buy the Wheat Grass tablets I use from Whole Foods.

      Here’s the same bottle you can get on Amazon:

      As for the lemons, I use organic lemons always fresh squeezed. The books tell you to not use lemon juice in a bottle. I found organic lemons at most grocery stores including Walmart.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions.

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