Master Cleanse Diet: Day 002

Date: 2013-02-27
Weight: 188.6 lbs

Glasses of Lemonade 16oz – 09:05 16oz – 12:32 16oz – 15:22 16oz – 17:03
Glasses of Water 16oz – 10:52 16oz – 13:10 16oz – 16:01 16oz – 17:40


Twice a Day Laxative:
(Psyllium Husk, Tea, Sea Salt)
AM: Salt: 08:51 PM: Psyllium Husk: 21:15
Twice a Day Wheat Grass: AM: 10:01 PM: 14:07

Goals and Motivation:
Daily Activities/Schedule: Work (at home) from 8:30 to 5:30pm with an hour lunch break
Master Cleanse Journal:

My second day has been better than the first.

My oldest daughter was asking me questions about the lemonade I was drinking and when I explained that it can help to clear up your complexion, she became interested.

She decided to start the program today. Very brave of her I must say.

So when we were making up a fresh batch of Lemonade this morning, she wanted to do it by herself. So I assisted her. In the process I discovered that I had used about half of the fresh squeezed lemon juice in yesterday’s batch.

When we poured a glass of the new concoction, it was amazing how much better it tasted and how much easier it was to drink.

The Cayenne pepper was much less pronounced in the full strength mixture.

I can’t say that I was as diligent in drinking the mix non-stop today, but it still went well.

I still felt very little hunger overall and it was quite bearable.

My wife brought home some food and it was difficult not to grab some of it. But both myself and my daughter resisted.

So it was a good day again. Only 8 more days left.

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