Master Cleanse Diet: Day 003

Date: 2013-02-27
Weight: 187.8 lbs

Glasses of Lemonade 16oz – 09:50 16oz – 11:10 16oz – 13:41 16oz – 16:44 16oz – 17:48 16oz – 21:02
Glasses of Water 16oz – 10:22 16oz – 12:05 16oz – 16:10 16oz – 17:20 16oz – 19:02


Twice a Day Laxative:
(Psyllium Husk, Tea, Sea Salt)
AM: Salt: 08:57 PM: Psyllium Husk: 23:29
Twice a Day Wheat Grass: AM: 10:01 PM: 17:14

Goals and Motivation:
Daily Activities/Schedule: Work (at home) from 9:00 to 6:15pm with an hour lunch break
Master Cleanse Journal:

This morning, it had been almost 3 days since I ate solid food and I had 2 bowel movements within the first couple hours of being awake. Pretty sure that stuff was stored inside my system. Probably for a while now. Yuk!

I’m really curious to see how this goes in the coming days. Is it possible that I will continue to eliminate solid waste even when I am eating nothing solid? How long can that possibly happen? How is that possible?? Buildup!

I’ve been following the plan according to the book exactly. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t even make past the 2nd day. But here I am going into my fourth!

My daughter is only finishing her second day and is ready to give up. But I am proud of her for sticking with it. And while I can’t be certain, I think my wife is right in noticing that her acne seems to be clearing up a bit, which is really the reason why she is doing this. Boy did she want to eat dinner tonight though. I told her she could. But she doesn’t want to be a “quitter”.

As opposed to wanting to quit, I am actually enjoying this challenge. I enjoy pushing myself to stick with it and being that I can see the light at the end, it really isn’t that hard.

Only a week from today and I will be going to bed with a hungry stomach for the last time during this fast. The next day (Friday) we will go out to eat at our favorite restaurant: Chipotle. Oh boy what a reward that will be!

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