Master Cleanse Diet: Day 004

Date: 2013-03-01
Weight: 184.8 lbs

Glasses of Lemonade 16oz – 08:53 16oz – 11:41 8oz – 14:19 16oz – 16:55 16oz – 20:03 16oz – 21:12
Glasses of Water 16oz – 10:12 16oz – 13:05 16oz – 14:25 16oz – 18:05 16oz – 20:35


Twice a Day Laxative:
(Psyllium Husk, Tea, Sea Salt)
AM: Salt: 08:21 PM: Psyllium Husk: 23:31
Twice a Day Wheat Grass: AM: 10:22 PM: 16:41

Goals and Motivation:
Daily Activities/Schedule: Work (at home) from 8:30 to 5:45pm with an hour lunch break
Master Cleanse Journal:

Another good day today on the cleanse.

I had no difficulties. I spent less time in the bathroom.

Amazingly, the feelings of hunger are few throughout the day. I’ve been just totally impressed with this aspect of the diet.

When I’ve done other diets, the hunger became unbearable at times. But not at all on this diet.

As I was talking with my daughter earlier today, we were talking about how this diet is not about just losing weight. It is about getting your body back in balance. And when we get our body in balance, then it naturally will shed the weight.

Of course she doesn’t have any weight to lose and is only doing this to try and clear up her complexion. It seems to be working.

Unfortunately, we won’t know if it will continue to work really since she has had to stop as of this evening. She was sniffling tonight and when I asked her how long she had been sniffling, she told me for a couple of days.

I told her that she should stop the diet because if her body is sick at all, then the diet could make it worse.

So for now, she is done.

I on the other hand have another week to go. I sure am looking forward to solid food again.

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