Master Cleanse Diet: Day 007

Date: 2013-03-04
Weight: 180.8 lbs

Glasses of Lemonade: 16oz – 09:37 16oz – 10:58 16oz – 13:54 16oz – 17:00 16oz – 19:50
Glasses of Water 16oz – 10:12 16oz – 11:48 16oz – 15:49 16oz – 18:47


Twice a Day Laxative:
(Psyllium Husk, Tea, Sea Salt)
AM: Salt: 08:31 PM: Psyllium Husk: 22:42
Twice a Day Wheat Grass: AM: 10:58 PM: 18:51

Goals and Motivation:
Daily Activities/Schedule:
Master Cleanse Journal:

It was a mixed day. I felt the pain of REALLY wanting something to eat several times. But I also felt the compulsion of finishing strong.

The Master Cleanse Diet is really such an easy program to complete. More exactly it’s simple.

Just drink lemonade and water.

How much more simple can it get?

I’ve done other programs to lose weight and to cleanse. They were all so much more complex.

Losing weight on a high protein diet like I used to lose my first 30 pounds is fairly simple over all. But there was a good deal of fighting hunger and temptation. Of course going on a weight loss plan will always be hard. It’s far easier to eat and live in a way that keeps the weight off to begin with.

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Of course I’ve tried the cardio and strength training plans to lose weight. They are just plain hard. It takes a lot of work every day. And you must continue to vary it. Of course this really should be part of a regular plan to stay fit. But it’s still hard.

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When I did a juicing cleanse recently I felt a constant hunger. Then there was the sheer volume of veggies and fruit that had to be bought, prepared, processed and eaten. It was a major undertaking. I’m all for juicing. But I think I’ll wait to do it again at that level when I have my own garden full of veggies.

Yes, this lemonade diet is really quite simple to do.

Strength training requires mental and physical toughness.

The Master Cleanse requires just mental toughness.

I’m going to start working out again when I’m done with the cleanse.

Only 3 days left.

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