Master Cleanse Diet: Day 010

Date: 2013-03-07
Weight: 180.4 lbs

Glasses of Lemonade: 16oz – 11:01 16oz – 13:24 16oz – 15:54 16oz – 18:53 16oz – 20:32 16oz – :
Glasses of Water 16oz – 12:50 16oz – 14:57 16oz – 17:56 16oz – 19:22 16oz – :


Twice a Day Laxative:
(Psyllium Husk, Tea, Sea Salt)
AM: Salt: 09:41 PM: Psyllium Husk: 23:42
Twice a Day Wheat Grass: AM: 12:02 PM: 15:54

Goals and Motivation:
Daily Activities/Schedule:
Master Cleanse Journal:

As my final day of my 10 day Master Cleanse comes to a close, I think back over this last week and a half.

I consider all that I’ve been through and I am satisfied that this has been a successful endeavor.

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I can see junk coming out of my system every day that I have been on this. I feel stronger and have more energy than I have in a long while. On top of that, I’ve also lost a total of 12 pounds.

When I started, I wondered if I would feel weak or get frequent headaches as I have in low calorie diets in the past. I also read about many people in forums asking questions about getting headaches.

I am happy to report to you that besides a couple minor headaches that went away quite quickly, I really had no problems from aches of any kind.

The biggest struggle for me had to be the desire to eat “real” food.

So as I come off of this fast, I look forward to a renewed appreciation for food and being able to ingest something other than water and lemonade.

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I feel good about what I’ve been through and am happy I did it.

If you really want a good way to restart and kick start your system, I definitely highly recommend you consider the Master Cleanse diet.

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