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Grow Organic Vegetables in Pots

Guess what? You can grow your own organic vegetables in your own yard, or on your own patio, or even in your own garden — in pots! It’s a lot easier than you might think, too. Go to your local garden store and purchase pots first. It’s better to buy environmentally friendly pots like clay or wood. It’s important for the pot to have drainage holes in the bottom.

The next thing you need is organic soil. Most garden centers sell packaged organic potting soil. (Unfortunately, most of this organic soil is still being packaged in plastic, but we are working on that problem.) You might also check with your local organic farm. Sometimes organic farms sell organic soil and natural composted fertilizer as well.

Why Eat Organic?

Most people who choose to eat organic do so for the simple reason of good health. They want to eliminate the threat of poisonous pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs that are used to produce most of the food that in on the super market shelves.

Food is meant as fuel for the body. That’s what it is basically for. But if the food is not safe — if it is covered with pesticides and filled with drugs then it becomes poison rather than fuel.

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The Legal Definition of Organic Food

In order to be “certified organic,” products must be grown and manufactured in a way that abides by the standards set by the country they are sold in and those “standards” do vary from country to country.

When you see a label that says “certified organic,” that means that the way in which the food was grown and processed met the standards set by the government of the United States.

Sometimes you will see labels that simply say “organic.” This label doesn’t really mean very much unless you could know what country’s standards was used to produce the food. In many countries, the standards for organic products are considerably lower than they are in America.

Making the Organic Food Argument

I really don’t understand why there would be any argument in the first place about organic food being better for the human body than conventionally produced food. Every indicator says that organic food is better.

There isn’t even a very convincing argument that conventionally produced food is better for anybody other than the producers. At the moment, it’s true that organically produced food is more expensive than conventionally produced food, but when (if) organic methods are more widely used, the prices will likely be very nearly the same.

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But in making the organic food argument, I can point to the following facts with the utmost confidence:

Proof of Organic Food Health Benefits

Is there actual proof of Organic Food Health Benefits? We’ve all heard, maybe even accepted as fact, that organically grown foods are safer than regular commercially produced foods. We’ve heard that there are definite health benefits that we can gain simply by eating organically produced food products. But is there any proof anywhere that organically produced food really does provide health benefits and really is safer than any other food?