Can New York City Force People To Lose Weight?

Can New York City Force People To Lose Weight?

So yesterday I read this article about Mayor Bloomberg’s coming ban on large sugary drinks:
NYC prepares for Tuesday’s limit on size of sugary drinks

And here’s a video on the issue:

Then today I read that a judge blocks the ban at the last minute:
NYC to appeal after judge invalidates ban on large sugary drinks

I watched this video that talks about the judge blocking the ban:

I heard about this proposed ban months ago and heard some different opinions on it. As I think about it I wonder about the effects of something like this ban.

While I tend to agree with the mayor in the sense that I think it is vital that we cut out sugary drinks from our diets and at the very least that we limit them, I question if it’s a good idea to make a personal choice into a law like this.

Can New York City Force People To Lose Weight?I would love to see everyone give up sugar based drinks and switch to healthy alternatives. I would love to see more people adopt healthy lifestyles and make healthy eating choices. I would love to see companies be forced to switch to serving healthier options. But not forced by some law but because of consumer demand.

I’m just not sure that forcing people to eat healthier is a wise or even sensible decision. If you try to force this, people will find a way around it. People don’t like to be told what to do. But many will do the right thing on their own if they have a good reason for doing so.

Is this ban is a good idea? Will it have the effects that the mayor hopes for? What do you think? Share your comments below.

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