Eat Your Veggies And Think Yourself Well

I have known for a long time the power of veggies to heal our bodies. Over the last several years I have been learning more and more about the power of the mind to heal our bodies as well.

I was just over at Robert Geiger‘s blog and he posted a video about the effects that our mind can have on our health. In the video Lissa Rankin talks about how people have overcome diseases like cancer simply by believing that they were getting well.

I don’t believe that we can simply will everything into existence without taking other key steps. If we want to heal our bodies, we still have to give it the nutrition and fuel so that it can do its job.

But what I am saying is that we can use our mind to help the body do its job with the nutrients we give it.

In our house, we have a rule that we don’t say that we are sick. That is admitting that we are defeated by whatever is ailing us. By refusing to give in, we maintain control. Thoughts of defeat at the hands of whatever is making us ill can only serve to make it worse. If we are defeated we will likely not allow ourselves to think about being healthy.

When we are ill, we can do things like tell ourselves that we are going to get better. Or we are feeling better. That doesn’t mean that we don’t lie down and get the needed rest. We just don’t admit defeat. We will overcome.

I just got done reading the book the Secret. While I think that there are some things that need to be modified to make this book more accurate; overall, the book is full of right principles.

While the book seems to lean towards the “mystical universe” that will give you what you want if you just think it, I think we can quite realistically combine the principles of the Secret with things like the Lissa Rankin video and realize that there is science to the power of positive thinking.

While we need to eat the right nutrients to be healthy, we also need to feed our minds the right thoughts. We can use our minds to suppress our health or we can use them to increase our health. We just need to decide what our thoughts will be. We need to be very conscious about what we allow ourselves to think.

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