5 Vegetarian Women That I Admire (And Who Inspire Me)

How many of these incredible people do you know and follow? I’m going to share some of the top vegetarian women that really changed my cooking (and eating!) for the better.  Be prepared for some mouth-watering recipes and inspirational stories that will make you smile.

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Ready? Let’s dive in!

Lindsey inspires me to cook more Asian inspired dishes.

Vegetarian Inspiration #1: Lindsey at VeggieMamaBlog.com

Veggie Mama Lindsey, on veggiemamablog.com, shares her plant-based recipes on her blog. As a mom of two, she’s balanced motherhood, working full time, and sharing her love of food with the world. Most of the recipes are vegan, and many are Chinese inspired since she lived in China for almost a decade. Two of my favorite recipes that she shares are her Easy Stovetop Scallion Flatbread and her Simple Vegan Sesame Shrooms & Broccoli. The scallion flatbread hits my cravings head on with the carbs and the onion flavor, while the shrooms and broccoli makes me feel like I’m eating out when I’m really not.

Luise and David inspire me to use all my leftover veggies.

Vegetarian Inspiration #2: Luise at GreenKitchenStories.com

Luise and her husband, David, have so many great recipes on their site, greenkitchenstories.com, that I can’t visit it without getting hungry, even if I’ve just finished eating. Based in Sweden, they offer a wide variety of vegetarian recipes with an emphasis on healthy, whole foods. They also offer cookbooks and apps for those who want even more of their recipes.

One of my favorite base recipes is the Savory Green Pancake recipe. I substitute chickpea flower for the almond flower, since I’m allergic to almonds. Think of this recipe as a base to use up any leftover veggies in your fridge. It also uses a lot of eggs, which I love since I always have tons of eggs around (more on that in another post). As a busy mom who does most of her cooking on the weekends, I also love that I can make this ahead of time and freeze it, then just reheat on whatever night is too stressful for cooking.

Heidi inspires me to dust off my old cookbooks and take a second (alright, hundredth) look.

Vegetarian Inspiration #3: Heidi at 101Cookbooks.com

Heidi at 101cookbooks.com makes me want to dive into the cookbooks on my shelves and make all the recipes from cover to cover (which she did back in the day with her cookbooks). She now has her own award winning recipes that she shares on her blog, which are truly amazing. Two of my favorites are the Instant Pot Minestrone Soup and the Last Minute Red Lasagna. Both are perfectly suited for a quick, last minute meal that stretches the budget and gets a “thumbs up” from my kiddos. For those of you who were wondering, one of my boys has taken to literally giving the meals a thumbs up or thumbs down after he takes the first bite. It’s like having a built in food critic at every meal. (To be fair, the lasagna is a bigger hit than the soup, but that’s mostly because my kiddos are not huge soup people.)

I also love that she recommends healthy and easy alternatives to make the process simpler. For example, in the Last Minute Red Lasagna recipe, she shares the noodles she uses, which are no boil whole wheat lasagna noodles. Truth be told, I have been scouring local stores for a LONG time looking for no boil whole wheat lasagna noodles, which my stores just don’t deem worthy to carry. However, I now have an online source for them, and could not be happier. Side note, if you are on the Purple Plan in Weight Watchers (WW), these lasagna noodles are ZERO points! Love it!

Kate inspires me create not only yummy but also beautiful food for my family.

Vegetarian Inspiration #4: Kate at CookieAndKate.com

Kate and her dog Cookie keep my mouth watering at cookieandkate.com. She shares her vegetarian recipes and stunning photographs in a way that is simple to follow. One of my favorites is her Roasted Breakfast Potatoes, which I prefer to eat for dinner instead of breakfast. Side note – breakfast for dinner is a staple at my house. Not only are many of the recipes quick to make, they are often less expensive as well. We do it at least once per week when the mood strikes.

For this roasted potato recipe, I often make the prep process even quicker by using pre-diced frozen pepper and onion blend from my local grocery store, add it to my diced potatoes, and away we go. The trick I’ve found to using frozen veggies is to make sure the oven is completely pre-heated before I add the food. I admit, sometimes I am very impatient, and am notorious for not letting the oven preheat all the way before adding the food – but for this recipe, it’s important.

Erin inspires me to be creative in the kitchen and not be scared to go “off recipe” sometimes.

Vegetarian Inspiration #5: Erin at NaturallyElla.com (soon to be ErinAlderson.com)

Erin started her blog more than a decade ago as a personal journey to find health and wellness with food. While I have loved her inspiration at naturallyella.com, she is about to transition to erinalderson.com in March 2021. Regardless of (and also because of) the transition, she remains an inspiration. One of the best things I love about vegetarian cooking is her concept of component cooking, where instead of following a strict recipe, you know and learn how to make different recipe components and then mix and match as needed for meals. It feels more like what I naturally do in the kitchen when I’m cooking without a recipe.


As you can see from these vegetarian inspirational role models, there are many ways to share a healthy, simple vegetarian lifestyle with your family without breaking the bank or slaving hours in the kitchen. For me, the biggest learning I have had is that whenever I am bored in the kitchen, or find myself saying “what should we have for dinner?” multiple nights in a row, I know that I can turn to these women for the answers and inspiration.

Which vegetarian women inspire you? I would love to hear about your inspirations. Please leave a comment below and share which vegetarian bloggers you follow.

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