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HealthyVegetarianLife Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

I am tired of looking around and seeing busy moms neglecting their health. So many people are struggling with it, and there just hasn’t been a solid resource created to help them provide healthy, nutritious meals for themselves and their family while managing everything else in their lives. 

So I decided to build it. Let me explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

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HealthyVegetarianLife Was Designed for Busy Moms Who Want to Nourish Their Families

We all have too much on our plates, and often healthy food is the thing that gets cut first. It sometimes seems easier to drive through the local fast food joint and pick something up for you and the kids. My goal is to provide you with the tools, recipes, and skills to be able to make a choice in how you nourish your family.

When I started my journey, I did not have a lot of money or time. I had student loan and credit card debt. I was working full time during the day, and getting my MBA on nights and weekends. I had a preschooler and twin babies. I often didn’t have time to eat, much less to cook healthy meals. We were spending too much money on eating out, and our grocery bill was too high. I started slow, but knew I had to make a change. With my husband, we experimented (a lot) and failed (a lot), but eventually found some easy and frugal recipes that worked for us. We learned how to make things ahead of time, so when the baby is crying and you don’t feel like cooking dinner, it’s already done for you.

How HealthyVegetarianLife Can Serve You

My goal is to share what I’ve learned (often the hard way) so that you can benefit. I hope that the recipes, tips, and techniques I share here make smile when you eat a bite and help you cross the worry of nourishing your kiddos in a healthy way off your worry list. I want this to also be a resource for you, so that you make the choice to take care of yourself and your body, by providing it with the great food it deserves. As moms, we often serve ourselves last, and sometimes that means that it doesn’t happen at all. But by taking care of yourself, you are ensuring that you are at your best to care for your children.

I plan to share recipes of all sorts, including comfort foods, make ahead meals, can’t-stop-eating-them snacks, and so much more. I also plan to share things that have worked for me in the kitchen, including some of my favorite tools, how I include my boys in meal prep, how I stretch my dollar, etc. As we go on this journey together, I’m also hoping to learn from you. I encourage you to share things that you have had success with in nourishing your family so that everyone can benefit and grow together.

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