The Best Chickpea Recipe for Kids in 2021

At first, I didn’t realize I needed a chickpea recipe for kids. I have lots of chickpea recipes that I love (as a grown up sized person). But my kids wouldn’t eat them.

Are They Getting Enough Protein?

As a vegetarian mom, you probably worry about ensuring your kids get enough protein in their diet. Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are a great source of protein and nutrients. With high levels of protein, as well as fiber, folate, iron, and other nutrients, chickpeas are healthy. But will your kids really eat them?

How to Encourage Kids to Eat Their Chickpeas

When I first introduced my kids to chickpeas, they weren’t excited. They bravely tried them, mostly because they are used to me offering them new and different foods. And then they promptly made squished up faces and refused to eat any more. It took me a while, but I finally realized what I was doing wrong. I was offering my boys the same recipes that I loved. My palate is significantly more mature than theirs (sometimes). So I went on a quest to find chickpea recipes that my boys would love. And found these five recipes for kids that I want to share with you now (my favorite is the bottom chickpea recipe for kids … chickpea brownies … yum!)

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1. Simple and Delicious Chickpea Recipe for Kids … Chocolate Covered Chickpeas

While there are some options to purchase these in stores and online, most of the reviews are not so positive. So I decided to try my hand at making my own at home. I’m still working on the post, but suffice to say, they were delicious. Will share the detailed recipe here soon.

2. Easy as Opening a Jar … Chickpea Chocolate Spread

Think peanut butter, but chocolate and made from chickpeas. Since I’m allergic to nuts, we don’t have a lot of them in the house. So anytime there’s an alternative spread, I like to test it out. This chocolate chickpea spread, called The Amazing Chickpea, is available on Amazon for easy purchase. We used it on toast to make our Sunday breakfast routine extra special.

3. A Good Alternative to Potato Chips … Roasted Flavored Chickpeas

With flavors like ranch, BBQ, and Dorito, it’s hard for kids to say no to roasted chickpeas. We make ours in “big red” (this is our trusty, much beloved air fryer … if you’re not familiar, check it out here). These are quick, easy, crunchy snacks that the kids love – and so much more healthy for them than potato chips or goldfish crackers. Simply open a can of chickpeas, rinse, drain, and dry. Spray with canola oil (or your favorite oil) and cook in the air fryer at 390 degrees for 10-12 minutes, tossing occasionally. Remove when starting to brown, add your favorite seasoning, and eat.

4. For Picky Eaters Everywhere … Chickpea “Macaroni” and Cheese

Did your kids go through that phase where they would eat ONLY macaroni and cheese? For every meal? One of mine did and I wish I had thought of this while he was still in that stage. Take whatever your favorite cheese sauce is (or vegan cheese sauce if you want), pour it over a rinsed can of chickpeas, heat, and serve. It’s simple, quick, healthy, and your kid will love it. As far as chickpea recipes for kids go, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

5. Save the Best Chickpea Recipe for Kids for Last … Chickpea Brownies

You had me at the word brownie. While most of us have tried black bean brownies, I had never heard of chickpea brownies until recently. But after some experimentation, I found a recipe that my crowd loves. I’m also in between food processors at the moment (the old one broke and I haven’t found one I love yet to replace it with). Since all the chickpea brownie recipes I found online require a food processor, I’ve adapted this recipe to be able to use a blender instead for those of us without food processors at the moment (recipe coming soon).

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